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  • Our prices are comparable to current market prices for top quality pet puppies and are based on their superior quality. Our dogs have OFA certifications, and Pennhips passing results. Our puppies cost 3500-4400 depending on the litter we ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit up front to reserve your puppy as we only take a limited amount of reservations. Puppies are sold with limited registration. Puppy choosing order is based on the order of deposit received.                                                     

  • Two year guarantee:  Covers such defects as severe hip dysplasia, severe heart defects and serious life altering genetic defects, as these are disorders that greatly affect the quality of a dogs' life due to pain or weakness. Terms to be discussed with breeder. Puppy must be fed premium quality dog food, and NuVet vitamins must be given daily to promote optimal health!

Prevention is the best way to ensure your puppy has a long and healthy life. We truly believe in nutrition as the number one priority for your new pup. We have done countless research and nothing on the market compares to NuVet Plus vitamins. Our goal is to help you keep your new family member as healthy as can be for his or her entire life. This is why we have incorporated this into our guarantee. 

We recommend you start your new puppy on NuVet Plus vitamins around 8 weeks old. Puppies are susceptible to joint diseases and other ailments just like humans so we want to start boosting their immune system as soon as possible! Feeding premium food is not enough because all dry food needs to be processed to destroy bacteria, in return killing all of the heat sensitive nutrients. Which is why it is ESSENTIAL to give your puppy NuVet supplements to boost their immune system so they can live a long, happy and healthy life! 

(Who wouldn't want that for their new bundle of joy?!)

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