English Cream
English cream golden retriever


Cooper is a handsome stud, we are very excited to have him as part of the breeding program. He comes from a long line of spectacular bloodlines. His temperament is very calm, gentle and loving! He has a very good disposition, and poses every quality someone would want in an English Cream Golden Retriever. He is truly the whole package! We are thrilled to have his temperament and qualities in our puppies!

Cooper weighs around 80 lbs!

Cooper has passed all of his health clearances! 

Full English Cream dog


Hudson has a fun loving personality! what can we say, he is a golden! He always is the light of the room, with a smile on his face! He is a ladies man, and knows it! This bundle of joy weighs around 75 lbs-80 lbs!

Hudson has passed all of his health clearances! 


English cream puppies

Simba is the newest member to our breeding program. He is not quite ready to be a dad! But he is in training ;) 

We are continuing to get his clearances and once he passes them he will join the team in making the most beautiful sweet puppies! We can't wait!