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Our Guardian Program 

Golden Retriever Puppies in Colorado
Golden Retriever Puppies in Colorado

Our family has enjoyed having our three girls live in our home with us. But with a growing family and 3 dogs, our home is officially maxed out. In order to maintain our high standard of living for our dogs we decided to start this program. We are starting this guardian program because our vision for raising Golden Retrievers has ALWAYS been with the highest regard for their wellbeing. Our dogs are in our homes with us, constantly attended to, and loved on. As you can see our dogs mean the world to us and a loving family is what they ultimately deserve. Which is why in order to keep our beloved passion going we need to expand our home with yours.


Our breeding program is designed with our dogs being placed in a guardian homes with their forever family.  Implementing a guardian program ensures that our puppies/dogs every needs are met and that they receive all the love and attention that they could possibly need.  One of our puppy's will be adopted into your home as they are now your new family member!  They will come back to our home when it's time to have a litter of babies. In this regard, the dogs get all of their needs met and have two loving families that they know and grow to love.


Our guardian program allows loving families the opportunity to have one of our show quality Golden Retriever puppy's for a family pet without all the normal upfront expenses.  The guardian adoption fee is 1/2 of the normal pet puppy fee.  After each breeding, a portion of the adoption fee is given back to the family, once your dog has graduated our breeding program you will have received all of your investment back. 

We are currently looking for individuals in Kansas City or Colorado, that would love to be a part of our guardian family.  We feel that this is a great opportunity to love and raise one of our wonderful puppies.  What we ask from you and your family includes but is not limited to; loving on the puppy and helping her to grow into a well rounded, well socialized, extremely well mannered, trained adult dog.  Our breeding females usually have 3-4 litters, starting around age 2.  Transfer of legal ownership will happen once the dog has finished her/his breeding career and been spayed or neutered at our expense. Simply put, she is raised and cared by you, but will be in our breeding program for 3-4 litters. 

The biggest concern from individuals who want to be in our guardian program is having their dog gone for the time frame that it takes them to whelp the puppies and complete the nursing phase which is usually 8 weeks.  We feel this is a great time for us to get to know each other.  Our families that adopt our babies become like extended family. We want anyone who works with us to have a great experience which is why we allow our guardian families to come by weekly or every other week to see their girl as well as spend time with the puppies. This is a VERY rewarding and exciting process, which is what ultimately fuels our passion for raising Golden Retrievers! Most people are amazed at the joy this whole experience brings them. 

Conditions to be in our Guardian program include:

  • Giving your pup lots of love!! 

  • Must live in Kansas City or Colorado- within 2 hours of Denver

  • Daily exercise

  • Food and NuVet vitamins

  • Regular vet visits

  • Obedience training if needed

As a breeder we cover all health certification testing and medical expenses related to breeding & testing. You will be responsible for normal expenses related to caring for a dog.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family! Golden Retrievers are the best breed in the world (no biased opinion here!). Our families who have taken home our goldens' have had only extraordinary things to say about their new addition and we know you will feel the same way!

                                - Josh and Libby

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